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The Savoyards

To try to determine the identity of La Savoie, you should probably try to understand the close relationship between inhabitants and their territory. Over time, the character of the Savoyards has been moulded by contact with a nature which imposes its discipline: mountain for the most of the department, lakes and valleys elsewhere.

Throughout its history, La Savoie has overcome the challenges. Some of these are national, even international examples: with the birth of Courchevel, in 1946, the General Council of Savoie opted for the development of winter sports. La Savoie is now a leader in this domain, and tourism accounts for 50% of its economy.

RoqueAlpes is situated in Vanoise National Park, the first National Park in France, created in 1963.

A turning point was reached in the 1980's: the determination and mobilization of the population for the Winter Olympics games of 1992 enabled the development of infrastructures for tourism and industry. La Savoie has shown a traditional and modern face, bold and colourful. There remains from these games essential infrastructures, a culture of volunteerism, a real taste for the organization of events and surprising self confidence.

Flora and Fauna

The diversity of rocks in the Vanoise National Park and its varied climate contribute to the remarkable wealth of landscapes, flora and fauna of the massif. It lists over 1000 plant species.

In addition to the Alpine flora, there are eastern and southern species, as well as survivors fro the ice age.

Marmot, chamois and ibex are among the many species you may discover during a summer walk, while hovering above you are the Chough, Golden Eagle or Grand Duke.

Local products

Fresh milk from cows of Abondance provides tasty cheeses such as Beaufort, Tomme de Savoie and Tomme des Bauges. Reblochon from Haute-Savoie is also produced in our region (Val d'Arly).

Pormoniers (fresh sausages with herbs), donkey and goat sausages, diots (small fresh pork sausages simmered in white wine with onions and spices) and grelots aux herbes (pork sausage with walnuts) are among the specialties.

The crozets are small square pasta made from wheat flour, sometimes mixed with buckwheat flour; the Polenta is made from corn meal semolina.

Choose your wine from Savoie: the "Perlant" - perfect for an aperitif, whites go well with the fondue, raclette, seafood, fish, cheeses and cakes. The red and rosé wines are great with game, white meats, cured meats and cheeses from Savoie.


Carte de la Savoie

Un chalet typique à Sainte Foy

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Paysage de la Tarentaise   Aiguilles d'Arves vues du col de la Croix de Fer   Paysage de neige dans le Beaufortain   Fondue savoyarde   Bouquetin